WhyTry (to be offered Fall 2015)

Time: 4:00PM – 5:30PM

Why Try is a research based program that incorporates ten visual metaphors for social skills. These ten visuals will help children make better choices in life. Better choices will then lead to high graduation rates, reduced anxiety, positive self-image, and will reduce procrastination.

Transitioning to Middle School and High School causes a lot of anxiety. Why Try addresses these issues and teaches confidence to students so they can be less stressed when they are in school. Adolescence is a very confusing time when children start making judgments on themselves. We teach students how to tear off the negative labels they have given themselves and replace them with positive labels and images.  We teach student to try because it gives them opportunity, freedom, and respect.

  • The Why Try Program

This program is 10 weeks long. It will be twice a week for an hour and a half each day. This is a multimedia curriculum that incorporated physical activities, short videos, music, journaling, and art.

Thousands of schools use WhyTry to improve student retention, academic performance, and school climate. WhyTry provides tools to help students change patterns of failure and indifference and develop motivation to reach goals. It can be used as a tool help high school students reach graduation, or as an early intervention for helping elementary students deal with increasing challenges at home, at school, or with peers. The WhyTry Program is now in use in over 16,000 schools and 500 school districts in all 50 states and countries worldwide. Christian Moore has become an internationally renowned speaker, addressing over 100 conferences and workshops each year. The WhyTry organization he started is growing dramatically with the single aim of helping people overcome their challenges to achieve success in school and for the rest of their lives.


Public school alternative day programs available.